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This page is hosted by Trammps drummer Mike Natalini. When asked why he created a MySpace site his response was this....

I figure since I am in the band, I can give a little more info and updates on shows and pictures or answer any questions anyone has. I can't even explain how awesome it is to be the drummer in this great group. I guess I can say it was a dream come true. I remember back in the 70's when my parents use to take me out to see them and hearing "Hold Back The Night", "Disco Party", "Dark Side of The Moon" and of course the song that started it all, "Disco Inferno" Burn Baby Burn! And now here I am drumming for them.


When we break into "Disco Inferno", I sometimes can't believe I'm on stage playing it. For a couple seconds, I think back to being in the audience and watching most of these same guys onstage playing it 30 yrs ago. Rusty with make-up on, licking his bass or the orange jumpsuits...WOW! How crazy is that?! I love these guys like family. 14 yrs so far...I guess we kind of are. You'll be able to see by my photos, besides my Trammps family, I truly enjoy meeting other performers and stars.


I'll admit I take full advantage of the benefits that come with being a "Trammp"..haha. A lot of the groups, performers or stars that I meet are ones that I grew up listening to, or admiring, so I'm lovin it. Just getting a chance to chat with Harold Melvin before he passed or the beautiful women of Taste of Honey", Tavares(one of my fave), Russell Tompkins Jr(Stylistics), Peaches & Herb and all the incredible drummers that play for these groups, the TV and sports personalities....I mean I could go on and on but you get the picture. So, why did I start this give everyone a chance to enjoy this great group through my eyes and experiences with them so far. And especially their music. And finally, I'd like to thank Eddie and Steven Cermanski for believing. Music is the heartbeat of the world, never stop the music! Much respect, Mike Nat